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milliscripts Redirection

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Start your own redirection service in less than 5 minutes!

With milliscripts Redirection installed your users can sign up for a short url as you might have seen at
They change their long and ugly into almost instantly.
Easy signup for your users, their accounts feature path forwarding ( will be forwarded to, url cloaking (in the browser's address bar they only see their subdomain name), an optional newsletter and a built in average stats (optional, to set by admin).
At signup, your user's login password will be generated by my scripts and sent per email plus an activation code, so they have to provide you a valid emailaddress in order to log in and use ther new short url.
They might also let our scripts automatically fetch the meta-tags of their homepage at signup.
Just think of how popular your domain name will get!

Template driven

You just have to edit pure w3c conform html files to change the look of your redirection service. If you like, you can also make use of a css-file (Cascading Style Sheets).

Multi language

milliscripts Redirection can be run in different languages (currently available: english, french and german). You can switch between them in the administration area.

Show advertisments

Earn money or increase you website's traffic with an ad-frame or popup on your user's websites.
Decide yourself in which categories you show advertisments. You can also set certain user accounts to an "Ad free" scheme, run your whole service without ads, or just set certain categories to Ad free.


Included with milliscripts Redirection are the following features:

  • allow your users to have stats for their short url (on a per-account basis)
  • integrate a "whois" with contact form
  • show stats of how many users per domain, how many hits they had,...
  • include a feedback-form
  • present your members directory ordered by categories
  • include as many domains as you want your users can sign up to
  • forbidden words function: exclude certain words from being registered as a subdomain
  • world exclusive :-) censor funcion: exclude certain words to be on your users homepage!
  • topsites
  • latest registraions
  • tell a friend function
  • contact form
  • and much, much more
  • Easy and secure administration

    The whole administration is done via your favorite webbrowser - no confusing text-file editing, even your website's title can be changed.
    Send newsletters to users who want to get them or to all users, search for accounts, manage your ad schemes, delete inactive domains or warn users before deletion, edit member accounts, insert new domains for your service, approve members, switch from auto to manual approvement, manage your categories, ...

    A short list of features:

    For your users:

  • easy and fast signup
  • random password generator
  • password reminder (per email)
  • integrated statsr
  • url cloaking
  • path forwarding
  • automatic meta-tag fetching
  • detailed error messages in case of mistakes
  • and much more

  • For you, the administrator:
  • secure and easy administration
  • edit options online
  • search for members
  • integrated category management with ad schemes
  • edit accounts
  • add/delete domains online
  • integrated newsletter (3 options)
  • warn or/and delete inactive accounts
  • multiple email notifications
  • detailed error messages in case of mistakes
  • and much more
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